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As a trusted partner to industry-leading businesses, the UW E-Business Consortium only invites sponsors that are valuable to attendees, and each sponsor has the option to lead a Strategic Briefing. Strategic Briefings are designed to help you create your organization's vision, make strategic decisions, prioritize your technology investments and create the tactical actions that will carry you forward.

Strategic Briefings are terrific opportunities to position your brand as a thought leader and difference maker with decision-makers. Learn more about them below.


Premal Bathia

Accelerate innovation to unlock your business potential with the SAP Business Technology Platform

Premal Bathia, Sr. Director / Center of Excellence SAP BTP

How do you continuously improve your business processes and innovate with the latest technology while adding value and minimizing disruption? This is a challenge every business faces and is complicated by complex technology landscapes spanning multiple vendors solutions leveraging many applications and data centers.

SAP is the global market leader in enterprise application software helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run better and improve people’s lives. SAP market leading solutions include, but are not limited to, Supply Chain, Marketing, Customer Service, HR and Technology Solutions to enable IT to help your organization meet change with agility.

We’ll briefly touch on SAP’s leading solutions and how the SAP Business Technology Platform can extend and customize them to meet your ever-changing business needs. In this session, hear how the SAP Business Technology Platform can help:

  • Innovate to leapfrog your competition by incorporating the latest technology, such as AI, into your business processes
  • Extend and personalize your applications to meet your business needs
  • Integrate and connect your entire enterprise from applications to data and analytics
  • Hear customer use cases delivered with SAP technology


Jessy Servi Ortiz

Measuring and Improving Sustainability Impacts, for You and Your Suppliers

Jessy Servi Ortiz, WSBC Managing Director, WMEP

Are you looking to enhance your ESG impacts or engage your suppliers on sustainability? The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s Green Masters Program is a tool and framework to measure and improve sustainability performance. The virtual platform helps define, prioritize, and manage environmental, social and governance impacts important to your company, stakeholders, and throughout your value chain. The Council offers optional membership with the Program providing the resources, educational programs, and tools that meet you and your suppliers where they are on the sustainability journey and ultimately enable you to deliver on cost, quality, and GHG reduction. This session offers insight into the platform, its value, and the support resources available through WSBC.



John Moser

Be the Boss of DDoS

John Moser, Practice Lead, Network and Security, AE Business Solutions

In today’s cybersecurity landscape many organizations have realized that it’s not a question of if your organization will experience a cyberattack, it’s when. Join AE Business Solutions during the Strategic Briefing sessions to learn about how your network may unknowingly remain vulnerable to DDoS attacks that will bring your system to a halt, and how these attacks can be prevented using the right technologies.


Brian and Scott

A Journey Toward Customer Experience Excellence

Brian Mekka, Customer Success Director, Charter Steel
Scott M. Broetzmann, President & CEO, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting

Gathering, internalizing, and taking action based on customer feedback is integral to the success of any organization. Learn about the journey that Charter Steel has embarked upon to create an outstanding Customer Experience, including several concepts that can help your cross-functional team progress through a journey toward CX Excellence. 


Rex Washburn and Mike Woods

Get from Data to Value in Under 6 Months

Rex Washburn, Chief Architect - Data, CDW
Mike Woods, Vice President - Central U.S., Denodo

Today, if you’re slow in getting value from your're losing.

Learn how using a Data Fabric for managing ALL of your Data – regardless of where it sits, what form it is in, and without moving it – will get you from useless to valuable in no time. A Data Fabric is a proven, faster, cheaper, and real-time approach that enables ALL users to get the most out of your dysfunctional Data, even leveraging your current technology investments.

Join this session with industry leaders Rex Washburn, CDW, and Mike Woods, Denodo, to learn more about how customers are disproving the myth that “moving everything into another new database will solve your Data problems.” 

Tomorrow, start winning by adopting a Data Fabric approach that is proven to help you achieve business value and ROI - 83% Faster Time-to-Revenue, $6.8 Million in Benefits and ROI within 6 months.


glenn koepke

Reimagining Supply Chain in a Digital World - Ideas For Today's Supply Chain

Glenn Koepke, VP Industry Strategy, FourKites

In this session, you’ll hear from a supply chain industry expert on how to drive the adoption of new technologies in the supply chain and hear some ways that forward-thinking organizations are leveraging supply chain visibility to accelerate decision-making.


robert farley

Hey, you! Get On To My Cloud

Robert Farley, VP Value Engineering, Pandata Group

The emergence of industry data clouds is to help accelerate the development and adoption of digital solutions such as data, apps, and AI. So, what is a data cloud and how do respective industry’s adopt it? Join Pandata Group to learn more about evolving from the data warehouse to industry-specific data clouds and engineer a competitive advantage. We’ll highlight how a data cloud works, the core benefits, industry use case examples, and potential obstacles to consider when implementing it.


Snowflake speakers


Travis Kerr, Sr District Manager, Snowflake, will moderate the session.

Josh Murray, Director, Data Analytics and Infrastructure, Alliant Energy

Denny DeWitt, Analytics Engineering Manager, Fetch

Evan Volm, Director - Data Services, Sentry


Sonic Foundry

Enterprise Video and the Role of AI

Rob Lipps, Executive Vice President & Mediasite General Manager, Sonic Foundry

Have we reached the pinnacle of video effectiveness in the workplace? Definitely not. Most of today’s enterprise video platforms are static, which means videos are easily lost and vast video libraries are underutilized.

AI is a disruptive force asking us to rethink how audiences interact with video, and how we can unlock the valuable information within those videos. AI is opening the door to new operational efficiencies with the ability to automate content workflows, access new data insights and re-define video engagement. Join us for a discussion on the transformative potential of AI in enterprise video and how developments in generative AI and analytics are driving productivity and innovation in the corporate world.


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