What's the Big Idea?

The Resilient Landscapes Symposium is an unmissable event for anyone passionate about plants, the people who grow them, and their potential to change the world.

The future of horticulture will be defined by our capacity to embrace the science and art of planting in a way that honors the culture in horticulture.

Plantings can become more than simply a sum of plants: they can embrace their potential to cultivate, sustain, and foster diverse elements of healthy and resilient communities.

Interdisciplinary Insight

This is a conversation defined by and rather than or. Speakers and attendees represent a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, from professional horticulturists and gardeners to landscape architects, designers, artists, and cultural leaders.

All are welcome and invited into this conversation. Diversity is a source of strength. Our humanity unites us in the pursuit beauty as we cultivate a better world.

Connect and Collaborate

The friendly, fast-paced, easy-going atmosphere of the Symposium is perfect for finding fresh inspiration, exploring actionable ideas, and building friendships.

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