International Stellarator & Heliotron Workshop 2019 Agenda

September 23rd

8:00RegistrationOutside Tripp Commons
8:45WelcomeOliver Schmitz
9:00-12:00Session Chair: Thomas S. Pedersen
9:00Overview of W7-X Results in the Operation Phase OP1.2
Heinrich Laqua
Performance Integration and Isotope Effect on the Confinement of High Temperature Plasmas in the Large Helical Device
Hiromi Takahashi
Response of Plasma Performance to Magnetic Configuration, Fuelling and Heating/Current Drive in Heliotron J
Kazunobu Nagasaki
Coffee Break

The Dependence of TEM Turbulence on Geometry in Experiment and Simulation of the HSX Stellarator through Heat Fluxes, Density Fluctuations, and Zonal Flow Damping
Jason Smoniewski
11:30Turbulence and Plasma Flow Asymmetries Measured Using Doppler Reflectometry at TJ-II Plasmas
Teresa Estrada
12:00Lunch Break

13:30-18:00Session Chair: Amitava Bhattacharjee
13:30Hidden Symmetries and Fusion Energy: A New Project for Stellarator OptimizationAmitava Bhattacharjee
14:00Towards Novel Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator Designs
Sophia Henneberg
14:30Optimized Stellarators without Optimization: Direct Construction of Stellarator Shapes with Good Confinement
Matt Landreman
15:00Adjoint Methods for Efficient Stellarator Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis
Elizabeth Paul
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Optimization of Quasi-Helically Symmetric Stellarators
Aaron Bader
16:30The Role of 3D Geometry on Reducing Turbulent Transport in Stellarators
Benjamin Faber
17:00Accelerated Methods for Direct Computation of Fusion Alpha Losses within Stellarator Optimization
Christopher Albert
17:20Simpler Stellarator Coils Using Permanent Magnets
Michael Zarnstorff
18:00Welcome Reception with The Krause Family BandMain Lounge


September 24th

8:00RegistrationOutside Tripp Commons
9:00-12:00Session Chair: Boyd Blackwell
9:00Physical and Engineering Designs for Chinese First Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator (CFQS)
Yuhong Xu
9:30Impact of Magnetic Topology on Transport Processes in Large Non-Axisymmetric Devices
Felix Warmer
10:00Study of Isotope Effects from the Viewpoint of Turbulence Observation in LHD
Tokihiko Tokuzawa
10:30Coffee Break

11:00Using a Stellarator for Steady State PMI Experiments
Daniel Andruczyk
11:20Particle Balance in Turbulent and Neoclassical Transport of Helical Plasmas
Masanori Nunami
11:40Observation of Isotope separating and Mixing States in the Hydrogen-Deutrium Mixture Plasmas
Katsumi Ida
12:00Lunch Break
14:00-15:30Session Chair: Carlos Hidalgo
14:00Validation of Neoclassical Ambipolar Radial Electric Fields in Ion-Root Plasmas on Wendelstein 7-X
Novimir Pablant
14:30Effect of Neutral Friction on Parallel Ion Flow in a Quasi-symmetric Stellarator
Santhosh Kumar
15:00Fast calculation of Neoclassical Transport of Energy and Impurities in Arbitrary Stellarator Geometry with the Code KNOSOSJose Luis Velasco
15:30Poster SessionMain Lounge
17:00Coordinated Working Group MeetingTripp Commons
17:00IEA Stellarator Implementing Agreement Executive Committee MeetingState Room


September 25th

8:00RegistrationOutside Tripp Commons
9:00-12:00Session Chair: Robert Wolf
9:00Experimental Study of the Impurity Transport in W7-X based on laser blow-off injections
Benedikt Geiger
9:30Edge Plasma Properties from the First Island Divertor Campaign at Wendelstein 7-X
Matthias Otte
10:00Towards Steady-State Operation of the Island Divertor at Wendelstein 7-X
Marcin Jakubowski
10:30Coffee Break

11:00Fuel Species Effects on Impurity Radiation and Energy Confinement Time in Detachment Discharges with RMP Application in LHD
Masahiro Kobayashi
11:20Radiative Power Exhaust in the Island Divertor and Access to Controlled Detachment with Impurity Seeding
Florian Effenberg
11:40Enhanced Helium Exhaust in 3D Edge Plasmas during Elm Suppression at DIII-D
Edward Hinson
12:00Lunch Break
12:00Program Committee for the Large Helical Device (LHD)State Room
14:00-15:30Session Chair: David Anderson
14:00Impurity Transport Studies Using Tespel in Stellarators: A Comparison Between W7-X and LHD
Naoki Tamura
14:30Simulation of Plasma Filaments in Stellarator Geometries with BSTING
Brendan Shanahan
15:00On the Impact of Sheared Radial Electric Fields on Edge-SOL Coupling
Boudewijn van Milligen
15:30Social Program


September 26th

8:00RegistrationOutside Tripp Commons
9:00-12:00Session Chair: Josefine Proll
9:00Density Turbulence Reduction by Equilibrium Profile Gradient Control in W7-XAdrian von Stechow
9:30Heat Pulse Propagation and Core Turbulence Measurements on the Optimized Stellarator Wendelstein 7-X
Gavin Weir
Global Gyrokinetic PIC Simulations for Stellarators and Heliotrons with Emphasis on Experimentally Relevant Scenarios
Alexey Mishchenko
10:30Coffee Break

11:00Global Gyrokinetic Simulations of Ion Temperature Gradient-driven Instabilities with XGC-S
Michael Cole
11:20Kinetic Ballooning Modes During High Density Operation in W7-X
Ksenia Aleynikova
Reduced Model of Turbulent Transport in Helical Plasmas Including Effects of Zonal Flows and Trapped Electrons
Shinichiro Toda
12:00Lunch Break

14:00-15:40Session Chair: Tomohira Morisaki
14:00Fast Ion Confinement in the 3D Helical Reversed Field Pinch
Jay Anderson
14:202D Distribution of Plasma Potential and Density in the ECRH Plasmas in the TJ-II Stellarator
Alexander Melnikov
14:40Ion Heating by Cryogenic Pellet Injection
Per Helander
15:00The HPI2 Code as a Tool to Understand the Underlying Physics of Cryogenic Pellet Injection in the Stellarators TJ-II, Heliotron-J and W7-X
Nerea Panadero
15:20Impact of Pressure Anisotropy on 3D Equilibrium and its Identification of High-beta LHD Plasma
Yasuhiro Suzuki
15:40Poster Session 2Main Lounge
18:00Conference DinnerVintage Brewing Company Sauk City


September 27th

8:00RegistrationOutside Tripp Commons
9:00-12:00Session Chair: Oliver Schmitz
9:00Studies of the Energetic Ion Confinement in LHD by Using Neutron Measurement and Integrated Codes
Hideo Nuga
9:30Hybrid Simulations of Alfvén Eigenmode Induced Fast-Ion Losses and its Validation with the Scintillator-Based Fast-Ion Loss Detector in LHD
Ryohsuke Seki
Ion Kinetic Effects on Pressure Driven MHD Instabilities in Helical Plasmas
Masahiko Sato
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Drift Effects on W7-X Edge Heat and Particle Fluxes
Kenneth Hammond
11:20Properties of the Shear Layer and SOL Turbulence at W7-X
Andreas Krämer-Flecken
11:40Particle Exhaust and Neutral Compression in the Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator
Uwe Wenzel
12:00Closing Remarks

14:00Simons Collaboration MeetingTripp Commons

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